About Victor

I'm a UI Engineer/Designer based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

While in college studying Biology, I learned Fortran77 and was blown away by computer programs. I bought my first computer in 2017 and taught myself to code.

In that same year, I got a job as a frontend engineer at a startup. During this period, I found Design and discovered how inseparable it is from Engineering. The next year (2018), I graduated college at 20 with a degree in Biology (Parasitology and public health).

Since then, I've had enough time to explore things that excite me in Design and Engineering. Like Storytelling, Typography, Layouts and presently, the Next Billion Users.

As a UI Engineer/Designer, I help businesses understand their users. With this knowledge, businesses can build competitive advantages by providing delightful and better Product experiences.

I'm currently available for freelance work. I only work on ideas that have been validated. And from September, I'll be looking to work full time remote. I also have a space in my heart to work with any cool startup in Lagos, Nigeria.

Here's my my resume. Please reach out to me, if you have an opening.