My Design Process

I'm a beginner in all these stuff. I make a ton of mistakes over and over.

Having a process helps me cut across the enormous deliverables and opinions, document my mistakes and ensure I don't make them the next time around.


I've learned to begin the design process talking to people.

  1. the stakeholders
  2. product teams and
  3. potential users.

This is to largely Immersing myself in the problem space.

I've made mistakes of quickly rushing into solutions and discovering useful and vital insights days after designing. So my approach is to expose myself to a large amount of data before attempting any solution. This normally takes a few days.

Competitive research

I also look at what others are doing. I can't say how much stealing has helped me. Most things I'm proud were inspirations from other people's work.

I generally try to learn about the successful products doing similar or the same thing, look into their userbase, find reviews, business model and a bunch of other things.


After all this information, I begins to hear tunes in my head. I'd start sketching user journeys, making flowcharts and imagining the high level user experiences.

I begin sketching screens. I've found it easier to do digital design when my sketches are high fidelity.


Permission to record documents
Flowchart of the sign-up & sign-in micro-interaction.

I begin arranging components and making visual and layouts decisions. After designing the wireframes, I like to see them in the hands of the user before I move up the fidelity ladder. Tools like invision Studio, HTML, CSS and JavaScript have been useful in making quick wireframe prototypes.


I move into the cool part. I've not had experience working in huge projects that require design systems, but I always make styleguides that document the typography scales, colors, spacing and other assets.

I work with tools like inVision Studio, Adobe XD, AE, HTML/ CSS and Notion to make and document my designs.

The goal is to have a working prototype that an engineer (or myself) can turn into code.

Measuring Impact

Despite the enormously small size of projects I've worked on, I try to measure the impact of my design. Most times, this is done through user testing to evaluate the before and after experiences.

I take my lessons seriously.

There's the product and there's the learnings. The learnings are more important because they're your future-Johhny Ive

NB: This is a work in progress document, as I work on larger projects, I'll update it to reflect my learnings.